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    We listen. We study. We pay attention. In creating design for you, the message, first and foremost has to be yours. We don’t slot work into a simple template, a basic design machine or a single direction. We look for the design avenues that best reflect you and your work. We try to create something that feels right when you see it, that tells the story you want to tell, that shapes the brand you are building.

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    Brad Sheehan, Founder/Creative Director

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  • Fresh BS

    SGD + ENGVT (The Jonathan Page Project)

    Being tied deeply to the cycling scene affords us the chance to do some pretty cool things. Take for example, our recent work on behalf of Jerry Chabot, longtime cyclist and Vermont-based engineer. After building Jerry’s website and designing his … More »

    SGD Collaborates with GDA La Grave

    Chances are you’ve heard of La Grave even if you don’t remember it. Known for it’s rugged, unprepared ski terrain, the small village in the Alps of southeastern France is commonly described using foreboding headlines and routinely found … More »